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Mahalo for your interest in Hawaiian Stones, Artifacts and Hawaii Bottles, our website informs and provides you information and access to the world of collecting and helps you understand a fascinating part of the Hawaiian Culture. Established by Steve Goodenow in 1992, the website provides both the collector and the public with information and the opportunity to purchase or sell artifacts and Hawaiian bottles. After years of operating a Gallery in Honolulu we are no fully on-line and have an Ebay Store.

We conduct appraisals for insurance purposes, estate matters and to resolve legal disputes of for our clients to get an idea as to the value of their collection. Our online EBAY store features bottles, artifacts and collectibles for the collector. We have assisted many collectors in assembling unique artifacts for their collections. Steve Goodenow has donated artifacts to the Bishop Museum and 'Imiloa at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Take time to browse our site. Visitors and inquires are always welcome. If we do not have either the information or what you need we can usually find it for you.

If you have an interest in Hawaiian bottles, artifacts from Hawaii, this is the place to find them and learn more. E komo mai and Aloha

Hawaiian Stones & Artifacts
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