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Purchasing/Selling Artifacts & Bottles

There are a number of considerations a seller must take into account when purchasing or selling Hawaiian Artifacts and or Bottles. Research is probably the best tool to determine the value of items to be purchased. There are a number of sites where a seller can do research including EBay, auction houses like Christie's, and any sort of publications available for research on the Internet. Important considerations are as follows:

  • Rarity of piece - As an example many bottles look alike but some with slight variations can be quite rare and the value increased from the more common bottle from the same manufacturer.
  • Condition - As they say: condition, condition, condition. A chip, tear, or scratch can greatly devalue a piece.
  • Artistic Presentation - Just like valuable art, Artifacts of the same type differ in value based on how the piece looks, the material used, the color and texture.
  • Provenance - The history of the artifact is important. Where is it from; who owned the piece; how was it discovered are all-important determining factors when considering value.

The Gallery at Hawaiian Stones & Artifacts has bought and sold many artifact and bottle collections of note as well as the single pieces. We are always available to "talk story" about artifacts and bottles and will provide a potential seller with a fair and reasonable assessment of their collection. Check out our eBay store or call 808-225-3508

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