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Other Hawaiian Artifacts

There are many Hawaiian Artifacts made from stone, wood, shell and fibrous materials. The Hawaiians were very adaptive of their surroundings. Finding no clay or metal, the ancient Hawaiian made due with the products of their environment. Clothing and bedding from plant material (Kapa), Cordage from a number of plants, items of warfare from stone, wood and shark teeth are but a few of the wonderful artifacts originating in ancient Hawaii.

Hawaiian Gourd With Cover

Gourd With Markings

Niihau Gourd

Coconut Sorcerer's Cup

Tapa Design Sticks

Grass Skirt

Lei Niho Palaoa (human hair with whale tooth pendant)

Coconut Water Jug

Olona Dipping Nets & Fish Hooks

Kupeha Wrist Bracelet (tortoise shell & whale tooth)
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