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Fish Hooks
We also have a page of other Hawaiian Fishing Items.

Perhaps no other artifact represented the spirit of the fisherman as fish hooks. Most fish hooks were made of human bone. It is said the relatives of a departed fisherman would go to great lengths to hide his bones so as not to be found and used to make fish hooks. The Hawaiians believed that the skills of a great fisherman could be passed on by using his bones to make hooks. Whether or not this legend is true, human bones made strong and durable hooks. Other materials used include "mother-of-pearl" shell, wood, and tortoise shell. The following pictures of hooks represent different types and styles.

These fish hooks are not for sale but show various types and styles. Enjoy.

Fish Hooks With Olona Lashings

Trolling Hook Lashed With Olona

This picture is pohaku lu he'e lure or taco lure used for catching octopus.

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