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Game Pieces
The Hawaiians, like all cultures, had unique games. From all reports, Hawaiians were even gamblers and had games of chance. The most widely played game, however was one using game stones called ulumaika stones. These round and slightly conical stones came in all sizes and were made out of stone and coral. The wooden moe was also a game stick and was slid on the ground. There is much uncertainty about how the games were played. There are game balls used for balancing and throwing but little recorded history of use.
Game Stick -- Wooden MOE throwing stick -- Very Rare.Ulumaika game stone. Approximately 3 in.
This is a nice collection of eight ulumaika or game stones. No one knows for sure how the game was played but it appears that the stones were rolled along a playing course. The object was to roll the stone through two pegs placed at the end of the course. There was a special time of the year called Makahiki where Hawaiians gathered, wars stopped and games were played.
Ulumaika built in the traditional manner where approximately 3" in diameter and 1-1.5" thick. They were built to roll.These two ulumaika give some perspective of size.
A nice collection of ulumaika or game stones. Even the Hawaiians liked games and had toys. This is a top carved out of coral. It is about 2" tall.
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