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ABM Bottles
(Automatic Bottle Machine)

ABM bottles first appeared in Hawaii in the late teens and 1920's. The first bottles looked a lot like their bimal cousins. You can tell the ABM's by the seam lines which run through the top of the bottle. Early ABM's were embossed and then combined with labels. Stenciled or painted bottles followed. Today painted bottles prior to statehood in 1959 are prized. Hawaii's weather and bugs tend to wear on labels and paint thus making fairly common bottles rather rare. What follows is but a small sampling of Hawaii's ABM bottles.
Four embossed ABM bottles from three of the major islands. Kona Bottling Works, Honolulu Soda water Co. Ltd., EP Co. - Ewa and Kauai Soda Co. These bottles were produced in the 1920-1930's. They are similar to bimals in that they had no labels and in some cases were manufactured with the same embossment of their earlier cousins.
Nice example of a stenciled or painted soda. This bottle is a Star Soda from Maui produced in the late 1940's to the 1950's. This bottle comes in many variations and also has a similar blue label.
Old embossed cokes called Hobbleskirt Cokes. These types of cokes were produced throughout the United States. At first glance they all look the same. There were over 37 varieties of Hobbleskirt Cokes produced for Hawaii. On the bottom of the cokes was the identification of the location. Some cokes had a Christmas date and are known as the Christmas Cokes. They are among the rarest of the ABM cokes in Hawaii.
Bottoms of cokes. Note the embossment.
Bottom of Wailuku T.H. coke.
Bottom of Maui T.H. 3 coke - The Maui T.H. cokes are quite rare. They have different numbers ranging from 1-5.
Three 7-Up bottles. These three 7-Ups are all from Wailuku, Maui. There are slight differences in the stenciled pattern on the front of the bottles. You sometimes have to look close to see the differences.
  This shows the rear stenciling of the two of the 7-Up's from Wailuku, Maui. Can you tell the difference?
This is a Diamond Head Soda. This soda was popular in the 1950-1970's. It contained a variety of sodas including strawberry and orange. There are still filled Diamond Head Sodas found in the islands.
Nice picture of Stenciled Hawaiian Sodas.
A nice Hamakua Soda (Island of Hawaii) with a Hawaiian theme.
A green Spring Soda from Waialua (Oahu).
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