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Bimal Bottles
Bimal stands for blow-in-mold-applied-lip bottles. These bottles were replaced by a more efficient automated bottle making system in the early 1900's. Due to the manner in which these bottles were made, no two are alike. There is a crudity to these types of bottles which has made them a top collectible throughout the world. Hawaii is well represented in bimal soda types and colors. Many think that Hawaii has many of the highly desired bimal sodas. What follows is a small sampling of the several hundred examples of bimal soda bottles manufactured for the Hawaii marketplace between 1851 and 1910. The most complete reference to all bimals is the Elliot-Gould book, "Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago." Enjoy viewing a small smapling of bimal Hawaiina soda bottles.
"Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago", by Steve Gould and Rex R. Elliot. All of the Item #'s at the end of the following descriptions were taken from this book. Waimea Water Company Ltd. -- Hutchison (Kauai)#495
Consolidated Soda Water Works Ltd (Honolulu) Codd Marble Stopper #26 Maui Soda Works - Hutchison #448
Spring Soda Water Works - Crown - (Waialua, Oahu) #261 Lahaina Ice Works - Yellow/green - Crown - (Maui) #425
Diamond Soda Water Co - Hutchison (Honolulu) #73 Arctic Soda Works - Hutchison - (Honolulu) #19
Oahu Soda Works H.I. - Crown (Honolulu) #241 Lahaina Ice Co. Ltd - Hutchison - (Maui) #427
N. Hilo Soda Works – Hutchison #392 Waialua Soda Works - Hutchison - Amethyst - (Oahu) # 311
Lahaina Ice Co. Ltd. - Funnel Top - Yellow/Green (Maui) # 428 Hawaiian Soda Works HI - Hutchison - (Very Rare) - Amber #148
Hollister & Co. - Greenish - Squat (Honolulu) #178 Oahu Soda Works - Hutchison #247
Hawaiian Soda Works - 2 piece mold - (Honolulu) #154 Arctic Soda Works - Hutchison - (amethyst) - (Honolulu) - Natural color - not enhanced - #13
Hawaii Soda Works - Lightning Stopper - (Honolulu) #161
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